Safeguard your Kids with a tracking device India

Protecting the kids is parent’s primary responsibility. You cannot compromise when it is related to the safety of your kids. There has been a tremendous increase in the crime rate over the years in India. Many innocent kids have been a victim of hideous crimes.  Since parents cannot be everywhere to protect the kids the smartest way to keep an eye on the kids is by using an effective Kids tracker in India likeProAlly-P launched by the TrakMasterz.

ProAlly P is a personal tracking device which uses Global Positioning System to determine and track the precise location of the person in real-time. Trak Masterz promotes an advanced level of protection. Your safety and security is the efficacy of Trak Masterz. This is the reason the technicians of Trak Masterz has produced a powerful tracking device i.e. ProAlly-P.

Some of the useful features of ProAlly-P are mentioned below:

  • Being small in size you can keep the device discreetly in the pocket of your child or in the school bag. Track his location in real-time by the feature of live personal tracking.
  • You can set a region to which the device will notify if a person enters or exit the appointed location with the feature of geo-fencing.For example, if your driver is picking and dropping your child from the home to school. You get to assign the location you want to track your driver within, and you will be notified for the same.
  • The safety of your kid is ensured with the SOS feature. For instance, if your kid gets stuck in an unfavorable condition he can connect with you by SOS call & speed dial which shares his exact location to you.

Thus the kids GPS tracker gives a complete protection to the child. It creates an invisible shield around your kids and provides you guaranteed assurance that your kid is safe at any place. Safeguard your child with ProAlly-P and live a stress-free life.

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