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Trak Masterz is a profound solution to the eyeing predators and to control theft.


Trak Masterz brings together the power of our proprietary technology and wide reach to change India’s vehicle landscape. Leveraging intelligent analytics and IoT, Trak Masterz is ensuring that every vehicle stakeholder benefits with our Tracking solutions.

Be it a small business or a big logistic company Trak Masterz can prove to be a vital asset if you are into a business wherein you need to constantly monitor and follow up with you resources  through Trak Masterz. With our tracking device, you can keep an eye on your transport system and not only be sure about your location and safety but also keep a track on your assets along with getting a regular notification.

Trak Masterz tracking devices provide reports that are well filtered and accurate, with real-time tracking facility providing an accurate location. The device can be used for Personal Use, for Vehicles, and for the Assets as well. Additionally, the features summon real-life crisis that too in a new perspective such as a Panic Button, Immobilizer, Car Finder, Geo-fencing, Route Replay and much more.

Our Information Management platform supports an end to end Vehicle Tracking System with high quality GPS devices servicing Personal Vehicles, School Buses, Containers, Warehouses, Transport and Distribution Companies.

Trak Masterz is committed towards enabling our clients with Better Performance, Increased Productivity, Easy Processes, Enhanced Overall Customer Satisfaction and Elevated Business Profitability.

We take a customer centered approach by providing best-in-class products, services, and solutions.

Trak Masterz is honored with Start Up Excellence Award for “Start Up in Technology for Vehicle and Personal Safety” by Indian Start Up Convention Forum.

Trak Masterz is a flagship product of B.A.G. Soft Labs.

B.A.G. Soft Labs is a start-up in providing of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes, delivered as “Software -as-a-Service” (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to handle challenges associated with managing fleets of vehicles and improving the productivity of their mobile workforce, by extracting actionable business intelligence from real-time and historical vehicle and driver behavioral data.



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It is our mission to create happier and satisfied customer base who consider us as partners in their routine life. We ensure this through constant feedback and inputs from our customers.


Trak Masterz vision’s to automate business processes by providing innovative technology and unparalleled service capabilities.

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